Who will attend?

More than 150 decision makers – AI, sensor fusion, imaging, perception and deep driving. The entire ecosystem one platform: Get the chance to meet CEOs / CTOs / VPs / Directors / Senior Managers of: Sensors, Imaging, ADAS, Vehicle Control, Vehicle Dynamics Computer Vision, Computing, AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Chassis Systems, Integrated Vehicle Safety, Traffic Safety, Sensor Fusion, Software Development, Vehicle System Integration, Standards and Platforming

Join us as a Team!

We have made the experience that you’ll get the maximum benefit from our events when you are participating as a team. Don’t just interact with the other participants, but generate new ideas for your business together with your colleagues. Take advantage of our team discounts and save up to 50% on the standard registration fee!

Justify your Trip

The knowledge and skills you will gain at the Auto.AI will ultimately help you to strengthen your competitive advantage. You will return to the office fully prepared to help your company develop market-leading innovations, capitalise on emerging opportunities and communicate and collaborate more efficiently.

Justify your Trip

The knowledge and skills you will gain at the Auto.AI USA will ultimately help you to strengthen your competitive advantage! You will come back better prepared to help your company develop market-leading innovation, capitalise on emerging opportunities, and communicate and collaborate more efficiently.

Need a little help convincing your boss that your trip to San Francisco is worthwhile?

Auto.AI USA fuels you with new ideas, connections and new inspiration

From OEMs to Tier 1s, from leading research institutes to the most promising start-ups, from AI, sonsor and imaging vision systems experts to automated drivin, deep learning and vehicle control executives. Whatever hat you wear or wherever you stand on the spectrum of AI in automated and cognitive vehicles, the Auto.AI has something of interest for you.

Join over 150 of the most influential experts

150+ decision makers in one place in 2.5 days
We invite OEMS and Tier 1s as well as leading research institutes to present their projects and share their insights with us. In addition, Auto.AI offers the opportunity to showcase solutions and products in the area of imaging, perception and AI. We welcome start-ups to enter the scene and compete with the established industry.
% Senior Management

15 reasons to attend the Auto.AI USA 2018

  1. What you need to know about the impact of AI, machine learning, perception & imaging in self-driving cars at Level 4+
  2. Discover new ADAS features for level 3 and 4 such as detection and recognition of multiple objects, improved perception, reduced power consumption, improved object classification, recognition and prediction of actions
  3. Discuss how in-vehicle infotainment systems and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) increase the need for hardware and software solutions supported by AI
  4. Learn from key industry players, renowned research institutions and agile start-ups about the potential of new imaging, perception and AI technologies for vehicles and evaluate business and use cases
  5. Understand the state of the art algorithms for computer vision and machine learning including those most important for the automotive industry
  6. Discuss the potentials of AI an overview the latest advances in sensor and perception technology
  7. Get insights into environmental models and sensor fusion concepts
  8. Team-up with industry leaders and analyse newest technologies in sensor fusion, imaging and machine learning
  9. Gain insights into testing, verification and validation methods and tools for AI and machine learning based systems
  10. Discuss challenges in design software architectures and platforms for AI and ML based systems, potential standards and limitations
  11. Explore how an AI supported car can recognise its surroundings and evaluates the implications for its ’behaviour’
  12. Gauge the impact of block chain, AI, deep driving, machine learning and open source on your business
  13. Discuss how AI can reduce the development time of ADAS systems in order to bring cognitive vehicles in place fast
  14. Debate why validation is difficult for sensor fusion and what strategies are useful to overcome these challenges
  15. Discover future pathways, required research and the role of deep learning in the mix of computer vision approaches

What our attendees say and why they love attending our automotive conferences…

Decision Maker Profiles







Very good speakers and interesting presentations.
Helena Lundin
Great overview of what’s happening in AI for automated cars.
Wolfgang Müller
The interactive sessions were fantastic.
Baro Hyun
Hyundai Motors, South Korea
Inspiring and insightsful!
Peter Lindskog
NIRA Dynamics AB
There were many chances to discuss, it was so exiting.
Takuya Furukawa
Toyota Motor Europe
Excellent discussion with peers.
Oliver Beck
Hella Aglaia Mobile Vision GmbH
Inspiring insights into automotive AI applications.
Ferdinand Kastl
Elektrobit Automotive GmbH
Solidly organized and well exceuted conference with an interessting mixture of OEMs, Tier 1/2s and research partners, which led to rich discussions.
Philipp Schnetter
Volkswagen AG
Excellent for knowledge top-up and networking.
Sagar Behere
Toyota Research Institute
Packed, interesting, and informative.
Andrew Chung
Hyundai MOBIS